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How Does This Work For Your Clients?

Studies show significant increases in muscle gain and strength after just 8 weeks of training. 

Studies have also proven EMS training to be highly effective in reducing body-fat. 

FDA Approved device that stimulates muscle activity by mimicking the central nervous system, creating 40% more force. 

Clients can be trained at home, outside or in the gym. A 20 minute workout is the equivalent to a 90 minute workout.

Our Professional suits never touch the client as they wear washable underwear. Or with our Ultralithe technology customers can have a personalised suit and be ready for you when you arrive, saving time for both you and your clients. 

How Does It Work For Your Business?

  •  No money down

  • 1 month free trial

  • Free EMS training for certification

  • Access to marketing assets 

  • Advanced booking and referral system 



Electro-Muscular Stimulation, or EMS, is the stimulation of muscles by passing harmless electrical impulses through them. The impulses are generated by a compact device and then transmitted to the desired muscle groups via carefully located electrodes.  When combined with exercise, EMS creates up 40% more force. Some things to consider about EMS:

  • Successfully used in fitness and performance training for decades 

  • Efficient targeting of individual or multiple muscle groups 

  • Complements any existing land-based training routine

  • Accelerates results 

  • Numerous scientific studies reveal EMS to be highly effective



Pre-configure your trainings in the application, then sync the devices for complete control and adjustment during the session. The app will automatically store all user training information, providing access to metrics to analyze and track each athlete’s performance.


By mimicking the signals sent via the central nervous system, EMS impulses cause muscle contraction. When combined with exercise, EMS creates up 40% more force, meaning body weight is more than enough.



The EMS workout requires very little space and minimal equipment. Train clients in their homes, offices, on the rooftop or in the park. Set up your own micro studio!

Since our system is wireless, you have maximum freedom to plan both indoor and outdoor training sessions and create effective and enjoyable new workout experiences for clients. 

Our suits are comfortable, versatile and flexible allowing complete freedom of movement for clients.  


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Studies show an increase of 31% in strength and muscle gain after just 8 weeks of training with low frequency electro muscle stimulation suits is possible.  

Numerous studies have proven electro muscle stimulation to be highly effective in reducing body fat. The study below shows a significant decrease in waist circumference, visceral fat and body fat percentage when training with an EMS suit.  


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Due to the current COVID 19 pandemic, sanitization is more important than ever.  The challenge of keeping your clients safe is more complex now.  


Our Professional suits never touch the client. Clients wear a base layer that is sanitized prior to each use or they purchase a personal base layer.  


Another option,  customers can purchase a personal suit and be ready for you when you arrive, saving time for both you and your clients.


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The Wiemspro system is a wireless system.   

Wiemspro has revolutionized the EMS suit by integrating all cables to offer maximum freedom of movement. During the development process, only the best and most advanced materials were selected to create totally innovative suits that are central to the Wiemspro System.


Wiemspro designs and manufactures all devices using the latest technology for signal EMS generation, conditioning, and processing. Our multi-generator system allows us to create impulses in a controlled and safe way using all types of waves, with higher performance and lower energy consumption.



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We're so confident in our EMS suits, we offer a completely risk free trial to those who qualify. After, if you don't think it's the right business for you, you send the suit back to us. Some of our trainers are making 10k+ a month using this system.  


The global fitness industry is valued at nearly 100 billion.  Now is the time to capture a piece of this market at a time when personal and small group training is more important than ever.  



When you partner with Wiemspro, you will be trained by our master trainers to ensure you are able to deliver great results for your customers. But it doesn’t stop there. You will also receive professionally designed marketing collateral as well as monthly seminars to help you to continue the growth of your business.

Advanced Systems

We have created an advanced software that is available to take care of all your needs as a trainer and business owner. From a POS system, scheduling, a referral network plus much more.  Start building your business today.