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WB-EMS Systems and Solutions

BE FIT Technologies is dedicated to helping fitness entrepreneurs and enthusiasts build successful WB-EMS businesses that provide unique and effective fitness experiences to their clients. Our wireless WB-EMS systems are FDA-approved and designed to accommodate 1:1 personal training, up to 1:12 fitness classes, Physical Therapy, and a myriad of wellness practices.

Our experienced team provides solid support throughout the process, from system selection and setup to staff training and client acquisition/retention.

You deserve the best

Your clients demand the best. Choosing the right WB-EMS system is critical to the success of your business. We offer expert guidance on selecting your business’s best systems and equipment. We have established relationships with some of the leading WB-EMS equipment manufacturers and can provide exclusive discounts and promotions.

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WB-EMS Business Owners

Take your EMS business to the next level. Our selection of wireless WB-EMS systems is FDA-approved, tried, and tested in our studio for hundreds of hours. Leverage our experience with WB-EMS systems, vendors, and best practices for success. Our relationships with some of the leading WB-EMS equipment manufacturers allow us to provide you with access to exclusive offers and promotions.

Our consultants can advise on expanding services, improving client retention, and increasing profitability. We can help you identify areas of improvement and develop effective strategies to achieve your goals.

Ricky Banks, founder of SFX Fitness in Roswell Georgia explains how EMS is good for his business

Exploring EMS Fitness as a Business?

Let us introduce you to Whole Body Electrical Muscle Stimulation (WB-EMS). Discover the new fitness training method that is more efficient, more effective and brings a quick return on investment. Learn how to work smarter and deliver amazing results to your clients faster. Our team of experienced consultants can provide guidance on business models that incorporate WB-EMS, systems, equipment selection, marketing strategies, and more. Let us help you navigate the complex process of starting a fitness business and work with you to ensure that your new WB-EMS business is successful.



We understand that marketing can be complex and time-consuming, so our team of consultants is here to help. Leverage our expertise to fast-track success. We provide guidance that helps you create an agile marketing plan to attract and retain the right clients. Your business is unique, so we take time to get to know your business and your goals, then work with you to develop a marketing plan tailored to your specific needs.

We also provide a wealth of resources to help you stay informed on new trends and techniques in the rapidly evolving WB-EMS industry. From training programs to equipment reviews, we offer valuable insights to help you optimize your business operations.