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Whole Body EMS Training brings fitness to underserved portions of the market.

WiemsPro EMS system is wireless, ergonomic, innovative and comfortable offering unparalleled freedom of movement along with the most robust training application. The system is completely safe and specifically designed to meet FDA medical device standards.  Time efficient, safe and profitable, EMS presents an opportunity to penetrate and capture underserved segments of the fitness market.

The system includes the following components:

Software - IOS training application  

Device - Wireless & connects application to training suit

Suit - Lightweight. durable and mobile

Undergarment - Facilitates conductivity

EMS can be used to strengthen muscles, improve skin and deliver a complete workout without using weights.  It can firm and strengthen muscles, lower stress and reduce cellulite. It also helps stimulate collagen and elastin which gives your skin a younger look and feel. EMS is widely used in sports performance and medical recovery. EMS also stimulates the metabolism which leads to a significant reduction in body fat within a very short period of time.  Speak with a member of our team to find out more


The WiemsPro EMS Suit integrates the best features of suits from across the EMS industry

WiemsPro produces two EMS suits.  The "Revolution Pro suit" is for professional use while our "Light suit" is designed to be purchased by your clients.

"Lithe Pro" the only FDA approved personal suit

  • Purchased by clients (creating additional revenue)

  • Lightweight yet versatile 

  • Easy to maintain

  • clients exercise in absolute comfort

"Revolution Pro" studio suit for comfort & durability

  • Durable 

  • Fits all body types

  • Hygienic 



Designed to be the most flexible, versatile and comfortable suits in the world.


Cutting Edge European Technology developed for fitness industry.


Learn EMS technology and skills needed to  become a Wiemspro Certified EMS Trainer and Business Owner!


Complete control in the palm of your hand.



WiemsPro offers EMS certifications designed to integrate electrostimulation into your existing training program. WIEMSPRO certification is included in our EMS system.

We have cultivated our training methodology and expertise through working with clients of all sizes. These experiences empower us to stay ahead of trends by using technology and developing creative ways to offer this unique system to trainers. 

Certification includes

  • EMS Fundamentals

  • Functionality & application of the WiemsPro system

  • How to win new clients 

  • How to integrate your training with EMS to supercharge results


Our scientific, strategic and systematic approach to health and wellness is what defines Be-Fit Technologies. This approach allows us to stay relevant and build value for partners.